Grife Sportix Wear cria roupas para ciclistas usarem no trabalho


Line of clothing has models so that cyclists do not have to change clothes to do their daily activities.

Those who travel by bicycle to work usually carry a backpack to change before the start of the day. The São Paulo brand Sportix Wear is trying to simplify their lives by launching a collection of dry tech technology for social clothing (photo).facetime for android

The fabrics can absorb sweat and evaporate moisture more quickly. In addition, the pieces incorporate reflective silk so that cyclists are visible to drivers (in the case of pants, it appears when the bar is folded at the time of pedaling). The line includes other items, such as shorts and underwear, as shown in the table opposite:

Parts – value (in real)
male and female underwear – 100
legging Sportix mobility Wear Sleeve – 118
shirt pole male – 120
male Bermuda – 140
shirt female fow – 140
male pants – 200
Polo female workout -200

Source: See SP

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